Stefano Versace Gelato is the brainchild of its founder, Dr. Stefano Versace, who driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, has decided to export the “Made in Italy” to the US with one of the most representative Italian culinary excellence : THE GELATO.

Our main goal is to acquaint the American public with the real Italian Gelato, offering the best product in terms of purity and freshness, respecting the Italian tradition that has made us famous throughout the world.

Stefano Versace Gelatot uses only the highest quality raw materials such as exclusively organic milk and Italian products with designation of origin and protected as the IGP Piedmont hazelnut, pistachio pure di Sicilia, Almond and Vanilla Organic, lemons from Sicily and much more.

The fruit used is strictly for our sorbets. Every gelato and sorbet are produced in our laboratories by Gelatieri professionals fresh each and every morning.