Made Fresh Daily, As In Italy

Cup of gelato and a waffle bowl of gelato

Our Gelato

Here at Stefano Versace Gelato our gelato is made fresh daily as we do in Italy! We believe that the only way to truly experience gelato is not only by making it with the finest ingredients available, but also by making fresh every day!

At our stores, we have classically trained Gelatiere, or Gelato Makers, whom labor every morning to make sure we deliver on our promise of delivering an Authentic Italian Culinary Experience with Gelato!

What Do Our Customers Say About Our Gelato?

Absolutely amazing, I can't wait to take my friends and family back.

Machelle BellFacebook review from Mall of Georgia location

Amazing, fantastic, best thing you've ever tasted!!! The owner speaks Italian, so work with his broken English. He makes all the gelato daily and the flavors are out of this world! The portions are smaller than regular ice cream, but the flavors are more vibrant and it's thicker, so you naturally take smaller bites. After tasting a few, I knew what flavor I wanted (Perfume of Sicily), but he threw me for a loop when he told me I could mix them. I asked him to choose the other flavor (who knows them better than he!?!) and was delighted to have this super dark chocolate. A pistachio/citrus flavor with a bit of dark chocolate, delish!!
We'll be back, probably more frequently than we should!!!

Eric CrosbyFacebook review from Apple Blossom Mall location

Exquisite. Fantastic gelato. Is worth taste testing and buying!! Best gelato I've ever tasted! What you pay is worth every drop! If you get it in a cone you can also choose two different flavors and it will be filled all the way to the bottom of the cone! <3 I hope this place stays here forever!! <3

Torri MillerFacebook review from Apple Blossom Mall location

Amazing gelato. The staff is always friendly, helpful and let you try whatever flavors you are interested in to make sure you get exactly what you want. Definitely recommend trying if you haven't already

Elizabeth Marie BurdenFacebook review from Edison Mall location