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Stefano Versace

CEO and Founder

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Paolo Stefanini

CFO and Partner

Paolo was born and raised in Milan, Italy. He earned an MSc in Industrial Engineering with Major in Production Management from Politecnico di Milano, Italy and an MBA with Major in Finance from INSEAD, France. Between his MSc. and MBA, Paolo managed the analytical division of a privately-owned merchant bank in the Caribbean Basin.

As an a highly qualified senior manager, strategist and finance professional with over 25 years of experience, mainly in the financial and retail industries, Paolo has showed a strong track record of delivering superior results in challenging business environments. He was an Associate Partner at McKinsey and Company, starting his consulting career in the Italian office and then transferring to Puerto Rico to open the premise for the Caribbean. He held executive positions at Banco Popular, first as Senior Vice President in charge of Consumer Credit in Puerto Rico and then as Chief Administrative Officer in the United States.

Since 2003 Paolo resides in the United States, first in Puerto Rico, then between Chicago and New York and currently in Miami. He is an investor in the real estate and retail businesses, a senior advisor in management consulting and a Board Member of the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce of the South-East. Paolo is the proud father of two children, a passionate reader of historical novels and essays on probability and chance, and an enthusiast of tennis, running and swimming.

Carlos Catá


Carlos Catá has been with Stefano Versace Gelato since 2014. He is responsible for company operations including store openings and ongoing support to the stores.

Before joining our team, Carlos was a small business consultant specializing in Customer Retention strategies and Social Media Management. Prior to his consultation work, Carlos had 11 years of experience working for AT&T, his last position being that of a Geographical Manager where he gained invaluable experience in logistics management, vendor relations, and project management

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Marco De Veglia

Brand Positioning

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M. Costanza Barducci

Specialist Lawyer Immigration

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Specialist Lawyer Franchising/Licensing

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