Meet Our Team

Stefano Versace

Founder & CEO

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Paolo Stefanini


Carlos Catá


Carlos Catá has been with Stefano Versace Gelato since 2014. He is responsible for company operations including store openings and ongoing support to the stores.

Before joining our team, Carlos was a small business consultant specializing in Customer Retention strategies and Social Media Management. Prior to his consultation work, Carlos had 11 years of experience working for AT&T, his last position being that of a Geographical Manager where he gained invaluable experience in logistics management, vendor relations, and project management

Martina Maione


Marco De Veglia

Brand Positioning

Orlando Lamas


M. Costanza Barducci

Specialist Lawyer Immigration

Alejandro Brito

Specialist Lawyer Franchising/Licensing

Malloy & Malloy

Specialist Lawyer Brand & Copyright